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About Us

The Government Gazette as a collection of major national decrees & regulations. Its purpose is to archive original military & political measures, acts & proclamations, personnel assignments & removals, minutes of meetings, etc. that are of value to researchers of modern history. Since 1984, National Central Library has been indexing 19 major gazettes of central and local governments, including proclamations, regulations & laws, orders, notices, treaties, etc. in an online searchable database . National Central Library Gazette Online (NCLGO) contains over 80 gazettes published since 1912, of which 18 gazettes from ministries and commissions under the Executive Yuan have been integrated into Executive Yuan Gazette since January 2005. To date, over 6.4 million pages of scanned image and over 1.3 million metadata records had been provided on NCLGO, and still the volume of data keeps increasing. NCLGO helps users effectively obtain acts, regulations, and policies proclaimed by the government, and aids in the publicizing and prevalence of government information.

Instructions for use

On NCLGO homepage, users can search for specific keywords by using the search bar on the top left of homepage. To facilitate gazette utilization, users can click on the top menu to select the following browsing modes:

Central Government Gazette: This collection includes Presidential Office Gazette, Executive Yuan Gazette, Legislative Yuan Gazette, Judicial Yuan Gazette, Examination Yuan Gazette, and Control Yuan Gazette.Local Government Gazette: This collection includes gazettes from Taiwan local governments and local councils. Browse by Title: This collection includes gazettes from the Presidential Office, the Five Yuans and their affiliated organizations, as well as those of the local governments.

Also, users can select either “Basic Search” or “Advanced Search” to find specific information by Title, Issuing Personnel or Agency, Gazette Title, Issuing Ref No., Relevant Laws & Regulations, Personal or Organization Name, or Topic, to meet individual search needs.

Users can read gazettes online, print, or download electronic full text, either by browsing NCLGO or selecting the Full Text Search. Due to the original language of gazette resources, the content of NCLGO is provided in Traditional Chinese.


  1.PDF format images(including scanned images and original electronic files)

   (1)4347746 pages of scanned images (PDF format images converted from the scanned TIFF or JPG format images during 1998 to 2017);

   (2)570863 electronic files in PDF format (since 2005);

  2.1391690 metadata records(since 1998)